Opening Day is a word that you often hear in April, thrown around by baseball fanatics and the many “Windians” fans here in Northeast Ohio. Portage County is about to have its own Opening Day as well. Hope Village Recovery Center is busy counting down the days until we officially open on April 23, 2018. This is the day when our Outpatient Office will open its doors and welcome individuals and families who struggle with addiction and are looking to find the freedom of recovery. Opening Day at Hope means so much to us. Our story includes personal journeys, all leading to the same path, clearing a space where we have created person-centered, peer-led, quality care for those in need of our services. Both Ted St. John, COO and Regina Mitchell, CEO have offered their own personal thoughts on opening their first treatment program together:

A Message From Ted

To say that that this partnership, this new agency, this first step of many…is the result of a long and unlikely road…is the understatement of my lifetime.

In February of 2009, I had everything to live for, but the apathy resulting from long-term addiction made it near impossible to continue…my addiction had won. I was out of ideas and hopeless. I was clinically diagnosed with major depression, sleep and anxiety disorder. A desperate final push, (made mostly for my daughter). I made a decision and followed the suggestions of others that had been where I was and made it out. That process has transformed me. My gratitude for all those that helped me in crisis turned into a passion to help those that come after me.

I’m honored to have worked with and around thousands and thousands of people with addiction and brilliant people driven to help them. I consistently share one message…freedom from active addiction is not only possible, but it’s also the natural result of careful strategy and decisive action (and it’s not the same for everyone).

I’ve heard it said that “there are many ways to make par” and it couldn’t be more fitting. My experience watching people recover from addiction (especially in the last five years) is that to be successful, the person must be recognized as an expert on their recovery.

I decided over three years ago that I would develop and bring more treatment options to Portage County. I was raised here. My heart is here. We need it HERE. I’m humbled to be given this opportunity and so proud to present this treatment/recovery model.

Our epidemic has evolved…so must our approach. Hope Village is an evolution in treatment and a pure form of person-centered care. The conversation is about to change…

-Ted St John

A Message From Regina

Welcome to Hope Village. I feel deeply privileged to be a part of the beginning an organization thoughtfully designed to bring hope to the many suffering in our communities from the disease of addiction.

Like many of you, I am a mother, a sister, a daughter, a co-worker, an employer, and a friend who has felt the pain and seen the trail of despair addiction can leave. I am also a recovering addict in long-term recovery who remembers very vividly the hope that was shared with me in my darkest hours.

While I have worked outside of the addiction services community all of my life, I have built life-long bonds with the recovery community who saved my life. They breathed life into me and gave me a purpose. I believe that purpose was to one day partner with an amazing team to share what I have learned. My personal goal with Hope Village is to breathe hope into our communities as it was breathed into me throughout my journey of recovery.

Ted and I have worked diligently to include experienced and like-minded clinical professionals to create a treatment model designed to improve outcomes for addiction treatment. Sara Roberts, Our Program Officer and Clinical Director has studied the evidence, the relapse rates, and creatively innovated our treatment model to become individualized and supportive of long-term recovery.

My confidence in our management and clinical team frees me to focus on other important tasks as CEO that is also important to me. To build an organization where our staff feel a sense of belonging, value and feel nourished. With that freedom and empowerment, we can focus our energy on the best outcomes for our clients. Being a part of #TEAMHOPE should mean more than punching a clock. We will be honorable employers, good stewards of our community, and a good neighbor with the bonus of saving lives every day.

I am grateful that my path has finally crossed with those that have the same profession and personal goals that I share. All my thanks to Ted, Sara, and Mark Wilson, our Operations Manager, who have worked diligently from day one to make this dream a reality. I look forward to working closely our new members of #TEAMHOPE as we join together daily to fight the good fight breathing hope in every path we cross.

– Regina Mitchell

A Message From Sara:

Hope Village is thrilled to be a part of the treatment community in Portage County. We look forward to offering services alongside the other great local providers and are excited to offer a different format and approach to treatment. We hope to see all of you at our Open House on April 18, 2018, from 3p-5p and 6p-8p so that we can share some Hope with all of you.

– Sara Roberts