Treatment Philosophy

At Hope Village, there’s one belief that gets us going every morning and that keeps us working into the late-night hours:

All people can improve and change their lives.

The innovative Hope Village model of recovery is individualized and designed to produce long-term and sustainable recovery. Clients have a better chance of achieving success when they become experts in their own recovery.

No Such Thing As One-Size-Fits-All

Just as no two people are exactly alike, no two treatment plans can be identical. At Hope Village, we partner with clients to address individual treatment needs and develop plans that will work for today, tomorrow and years to come.

Our model focuses on treatment that is trauma-informed and goal-driven.

Services at Hope Village are constructed on these fundamental beliefs and practices:

• Clients have a better chance of achieving success when they become experts in their own recovery;

• People are resilient;
• People are capable of making positive changes in their lives;
• There is no wrong path to recovery;
• Recovery from alcohol and drug abuse is a process of change through which individuals achieve abstinence and improved health, wellness and quality of life;
• Recovery is best achieved when it is built upon the strength and resilience of individuals, families and communities;
• Personal responsibility is at the heart of all recovery.

We provide options that are accessible, welcoming and supportive. We support all pathways to recovery and offer treatment and services that support and sustain them.

We Don’t Just Address the Symptoms

Instead of merely treating addiction, the Hope Village philosophy of care is to address underlying causes and triggers for drug or alcohol abuse and mental illness among its clients.

The Hope Village operating premise is to seek to discover and strive to understand the trauma that individuals have experienced in their lives. Hope Village practices trauma-informed care, an approach that aims to engage people in addressing their histories and acknowledging the role those histories have played in their lives.

Hope Village staff is aware of the prevalence of traumatic experiences in people who seek and receive mental health and recovery services. The role of trauma in clients’ lives is strongly factored into all treatment plans.

Additionally, Hope Village’s trauma-informed care is designed to be a person-centered response focused on improving individuals’ all-around wellness rather than simply treating symptoms of mental illness and addiction.

Hope Village Staff: Credentialed, Compassionate and Committed

Hope Village is committed to excellence, and we have developed a highly credentialed and skilled multidisciplinary treatment team to deliver exceptional quality of client care.

Our staff has the degrees that reflect years of classroom learning, equally importantly, they have years of experience working to help others achieve recovery. Some staff members are in recovery; others have close friends or family who has battled addiction, and all are deeply impacted by the drug epidemic.

Our staff members are carefully selected and know how to deliver the best practices in substance abuse treatment. They use evidence-based methods so clients can access and engage their own path to freedom from active addiction.

Our primary focus is outcome-based treatment and interventions while offering a client-centered, trauma-informed approach to care.

Hope Village: A Community Partner

Hope Village is a committed partner to our community and is interested in maintaining and growing strong and trusting working relationships with stakeholders, neighbors and community providers. We seek to collaboratively address the issues of addiction in our community, as well as the stigma associated with addiction and treatment in order to produce the best outcomes for our clients and our community at large.

Reach for Hope

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