Services at Hope Village Recovery Center

Comprehensive Assessment

In order to identify the appropriate level of care, we first conduct a comprehensive interview. Hope Village’s philosophy of care is to address underlying causes and triggers for clients’ drug and alcohol abuse. Our highly credentialed staff is trained to recognize the presence of trauma symptoms and have a mastery of the neurological, biological, psychological, and social effects of trauma. This is also where we can begin identifying options and types of treatment that will work best.

Case Management

Our case managers help address barriers and identify roadblocks to recovery. Our case managers work closely with our highly trained clinical staff to carry out the treatment they develop to improve outcomes for our clients.

Family & Couples Counseling

We offer a unique group counseling style and individual counseling sessions for both clients and families in group and individual settings.

We honor that people are part of communities and families. When families are informed of client progress and are supportive of the recovery process, we believe clients have a better chance for long-term recovery. We also recognize families need to heal as well.

(IOP) Intensive Outpatient Treatment

We offer weekday morning and evening group therapy. We address all areas of our clients’ lives. We recognize roadblocks to recovery like unsupportive families or living environments that are detrimental to long-term recovery. We assess and direct clients to resources that will keep them successful.

After-Care Services

This continued service keeps clients engaged and connected. Evidence shows that after-care and additional supportive services help maintain long-term recovery.

Peer Support

Peer Supporters are an integral part of our Treatment Team. Peer supporters are authentic mentors who help clients develop their own recovery plans. Peer Supporters help our clients develop a recovery plan, mapping out strategies to stay clean. Individuals engaged in peer services play a vital role in laying the foundation for sustained recovery. Through lived experience, they encourage, inspire, and empower others to set recovery goals and achieve them.

Transport Services

This is a critical service that many need in early recovery. We help clients address this need with public and insurance options.

If those options don’t apply, we have some resources to help with rides to group (only available if approved, by application, through Hope Village).

Reach for Hope

There is no time like the present to take the next step.