It Takes A Village

You’ve heard the saying “it takes a village” but, for too long, people have suffered with addiction alone. Many people in recovery know the importance of acceptance and support. Like any disease, addiction is complex and impacts individuals differently. Many sufferers feel shame, guilt, and face a great deal of stigma from the people they care about most. As a community, we can open our hearts and help those suffering by offering support. If you’re interested in teaming up with #TEAMHOPE, please contact us.

Good Neighbor

It is the policy of Hope Village to be a “good neighbor” to those who live nearby. We expect all of our clients and staff to conduct themselves in a friendly and courteous way and be responsive to our neighbors’ needs.

Referral Partners

Treatment providers, those who work in the judicial system, government agencies, and members of the recovery community: we welcome all to contact us about referring services. We would love to learn how we can work with you.

Crisis Directory

Are you in crisis? Do you worry about a loved one? We have put together a list of crisis numbers and community services for addiction and mental health. Bookmark the page for future use. Click the link below to learn more.